I like a lot of different things. I am a college student that is very indecisive.I can't decided between mathematics, art,&/or fashion for my major. So enjoy the eclectic posts.
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Too many young girls don’t know how to act when someone’s being inappropriate with them. They giggle or they try to brush it off. Don’t do that. Tell them to go fuck themselves - be a bitch. If someone’s being disrespectful to you, be disrespectful right back. Show them the same amount of respect that they show you. By Wise words from my mom (via swindleofficial)


Warning: I am a dyslexic young adult! Very dyslexic. So if you are a grammar Nazi or easily irritated by spelling/gremial errors, well run. Run now and never return.)
Two of my OSs interacting. Charles is a Doctor who specializes in psychiatry but does not like to be called a Psychiatrist, but instead he only uses this skill to help Connor through his disorder.
Connor is an inventor and the smartest person in the world. (at least that’s what he thinks)

It was a dim day and a rain ridden night when Charles decided to come over. Something which in itself would have been no problem any other day, but this time he was bored. Charles is the sort of character that doesn’t handle boredom well, he gets temperamental, mischievous, to unpredictable. This has led me to question my continued friendship with the man-child.
Honestly, I cannot for the life of me even remember ever having met Charles it’s almost as if he just wandered in through my front door and sat down on the sofa in my living room one day, much like the families beloved tomcat, he started a conversation and has overstayed his welcome on every visit ever since.
This predicament that I am currently in with the tomcat is one that I’ve visited upon before. I am not the type of person that can handle stress so well, I choke at the most inopportune moment; I can’t hang a picture in my den without spending hours with a level making sure it hangs perfectly. I prefer a quiet life, one with books, one of simplicity, one without mischief. It has always felt as if spending time with Charles was a chess match for this very reason, he was chaotic and sought to ruin my order with every chance he got, slowly advancing his pieces on the checkerboard of life to ruin my defenses and have me cave to his whims, he wanted me out of my house this time, this could not be allowed to happen
“Maybe this time we could try for some coffee.” He said nonchalantly “Or possibly a stroll through the park.”
“You know full well I hate crowds.” I responded politely “And my allergies prevent me from taking many nature walks, besides its really pouring outside.
“I haven’t seen any drops in the last hour or so.” Charles said.

“You know full well I do not eat out, people and their germ ridden hands should keep themselves at home, like I do, then the world would be an easier place to maintain.” I told Charles.
“We don’t have to eat.” Damn, he’s not dropping the subject. “And don’t be stubborn, the overcast has the sun dimmed and the showers have forced the pollen to the ground, I think you described this as the perfect day once.”
“Don’t be sly Charles, and don’t get ahead of yourself we had a deal, if I win you’ll leave me be till next week.”
I was concentrating hard at this point, the type of concentration that has time slowed down, I could feel the vein that ran across my forehead throbbing, I couldn’t let Charles win, I had to beat him at this stupid chess game, but how? I remember having read about Napoleon in my school days, about how he used to love to play chess with his generals and how when he was losing he would move his bishops over one space so as to give him control of the opposite color on the board. So that was it, I would cheat. It was dishonest but at this point I was left with no alternative, there was no other way I would be able to rid myself of the tomcat and I had pictures to hang today, and dishes to do, and other things needed my attention.
“Checkmate” Charles said smugly
“No, no no no no…” This cant be. It can’t be true! He’s beat me? Shit… he beat me.
“No, it is, I have your king with my rook and you promised to let me take you out of this house for the day if I won.” Charles said as he put his clip board into his satchel, I could make out my name and the words ‘…agoraphobic O.C.D… ’ spelled out across the sheet as it slipped passed the canvas cover.
I grumble under my breath as Charles cheated me into the damp out side world. I should have never bet at a game of chess with this mischievous sort of man. He had this plan all along. I can see it now, him sitting in his house alone, as I want to be, then the sounds of rain reminds him of how much I hate it. So he plots to drag me out of my worm tidy home to wonder the damp and filthy streets as he must on any other night. Basted.
“Stop the grumbling. The fresh air will do you some good.” Charles was pleased with himself.
“Fresh air isn’t good for anybody. Especially me and especially here, it’s wet and smoggy. I’m going to get a cold because of you.” I shove my hand in my pocket as I lock my freshly painted door with the other. The rain has already put streaks of dirt on it, yet another thing I will need to take care of. Turning to look at the court yard we must eventually walk across to get to the outside word ad t of y comfort zone I freeze. Snails and other gross snotty looking things have made the concrete walkways their home. Huge puddles threaten to destroy my perfectly polished leather shoes, and all the while I prolong this terrifying experience. I heard Charles humming; Kenny Loggins song “Danger Zone”.
“Come on Connor.” He said my name with a devilish smile. basking in my agony and his victory. “Don’t make that face.” Charles starts to walk. “I won fair and square.”
“I know.” Slumping my solders and hanging my head in defeat, I start to maneuver my way careful not to utterly destroy my shoes, Charles walks dexterously. It comes so easy for some.